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01/03/2013 10:00 am

Considering that many people spend more than half of their daytime hours working, the appearance and functionality of their office space can play a large role in employees’ overall productivity and satisfaction. An effectively designed work area may not only influence the amount and quality of work accomplished, but it may also affect employee morale and retention over time. Here are a few characteristics of successful Arizona office interior design you might try to reproduce in your office.

Functional and Flattering

Every component of an efficient work area should serve a practical purpose. Therefore, the placement and type of furniture used in any office space can affect how well it suits the needs of your staff and clients. That is not to say, though, that style must be sacrificed in the name of practicality. Many Arizona office interior design companies, for example, employ simple fixes like using attractive and durable materials to upholster room elements such as window dressings and sofas. This ensures that they hold up against frequent use and are inviting at the same time.

Details Set the Tone

Everything from the wall colors you choose to the artwork you hang contributes to the overall feel and mood of your office. An Arizona office interior design consultant might suggest, then, and you select accent pieces, colors, and art that are pleasant and comforting in nature. Strategically placed pops of color like yellow and green may be subtle additions, for example, but can help to create a peaceful and invigorating work environment.

Create the workspace that meets your company’s needs, while making your employees comfortable and allowing them to get the job done in style. Visit for more office interior design ideas.