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02/20/2014 09:30 am

One way for a business to make a good impression on current and prospective clients is to maintain a professional looking office. Having well-maintained furniture can help achieve this objective. Here are two tips to assist with office furniture maintenance from the experts at Total Office Interiors.

Clean the Surfaces

Frequently wiping down plastic, vinyl, chrome, and wood surfaces can contribute to good office furniture maintenance, and help prolong the life of furniture. A regular cleaning schedule may also prevent the spread of germs in an office. Using a non-abrasive cleaner and soft cloth is a good way to clean plastic, vinyl and chrome. A lot of wood furniture is coated with a stain-resistant finish. For routine cleaning of wood furniture, it is best to use a dry or damp cloth only.

Protect Leather Furniture

Leather furniture can be very expensive. It is best to position it out of direct sunlight so it does not prematurely age. Dusting it periodically with a dry towel can help keep it in good condition. Many stains on leather furniture can be taken out with gentle soap and a damp cloth. Furniture polishes and varnishes should not be used. Certain cleaning products may discolor leather furniture. If you have any doubts about a product, it is best to test it in a hidden area before application.

Following these tips can assist in protecting a company’s investment in its office furniture, and help to keep furnishings in like-new condition. For more tips on office furniture maintenance from Total Office Interiors, call 480-951-6099 today.