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07/16/2014 10:00 am

Many people spend a lot of time sitting at an office furniture desk and working on their computers. High quality furniture can improve productivity and help employees avoid back pain and other potential health problems. Below are a few of the many benefits of purchasing quality desks for your office.

Helps Avoid Workspace Related Injuries

There are an increasing number of injuries including neck, back and shoulder discomfort, and muscle and joint pain, that are a result of improperly configured work spaces. The more time you spend at a desk the greater the likelihood you will develop an injury. The following suggestions can help avoid these problems.

  1. Use adjustable office furniture desks and chairs that are designed to be used with computers
  2. Position keyboards so elbows are able to rest at the sides of the body
  3. Situate chairs so feet rest flat on the floor, otherwise use foot rests
  4. Take periodic brief breaks, walk around or stretch at your desk. Standing up every so often can also be effective.

Increased Productivity

Happy employees are more productive. Uncomfortable work station configurations can lead to employees wanting to spend less time at their desks doing their jobs. Efficiency may also drop if it is not easy for them to move around their work areas and get to the things they need to do their job.

Comfortable office furniture desks and properly configured workstations can contribute to an optimal work environment for employees. Call Total Office Interiors at 480-951-6099 today to learn more about our quality office furniture desks available at affordable prices in Phoenix.