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05/09/2013 01:00 pm

When hiring a new employee, you will likely consider the person’s suitability to be part of a broader team and how they align with your company’s culture, in addition to their education, experience and other qualifications. Just as you would seek the best people to fit your team when hiring an employee, when it comes to buying new office furniture, taking an approach that looks beyond individual furniture items to the office as a whole can be beneficial. Total Office Interiors, an office furniture store in Phoenix, can help you create the functional and stylish office environment you've always dreamed of.

Safety and Comfort

Creating a comfortable and safe work environment for your employees can help to promote staff morale, which in turn can have far-reaching effects like increased staff retention and fewer sick days. The office furniture that you buy can play a major role in this. When looking to replace old furniture, you may want to seek the services of a company that is experienced in helping to design and create effective workspaces, rather than seeking out individual items from different retailers. In addition to being able to help you build a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing workspace when buying new office furniture, working with one supplier may also be more cost-effective. Expert advice may also help you to identify occupational hazards or design pitfalls that you would not know about otherwise.

Mirror Image

If you have a workplace that regularly hosts customers and clients or other visitors, the look and feel of the workspace can leave a lasting impression and reflect on how you work as a business. Think about the impression that your reception area makes. Take into account other aspects of your business such as your marketing and branding. If you have certain colors that are part of your logo, you may want to incorporate these into your décor when buying new office furniture. If you want to project an image of stability and professionalism, the type of desks and workstations you choose can reflect this image. Conversely, if you want to be viewed as modern and on the cutting edge, the way your office is laid out and the furnishings you have chosen can demonstrate this. Call 480-951-6099 or email us to learn more about the space planning services and office furniture selection at Total Office Interiors.