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12/08/2015 09:34 am

A well-designed office combines functionality with style. It is a reflection of the business, type of work performed, responsibilities and standing within the company. Your office is a reflection of you.

Over time, workflow, staff additions and changing business environment may necessitate a functional redesign of the office space. Promotion or advancement of an employee may require appropriate furniture upgrades to accommodate changing responsibilities and status.

Choosing Your Office Furniture - Desk

The choice of the office furniture desk is the starting point in redesigning your work space. Finding the correct blend of functionality and style requires consideration of several points:

  • Use -- Will you be working at a computer, handling large amounts of paperwork, meeting with staff, greeting clients, or a combination of all these things?
  • Space -- Are there space limitations and dimension requirements for your new desk?
  • Ergonomics -- Will the new desk provide ample leg clearance, room behind the desk, space for a computer and keyboard?
  • Surface Area -- Is the desk large enough to accommodate your workflow?

The Centerpiece

Because it is the centerpiece of office redesign, selecting the right desk is critical. The collection of desks at Total Office Interiors provides options to meet all of your style and functional requirements. Consider these from the Paoli line of desks:

- Revolve Series - Flexibility

Versatile, with great design flexibility, the Revolve Series comes in cherry or maple finishes, and is available as all-wood or in combinations of laminate tops or chassis. It is able to be reconfigured easily to accommodate changing workflow or additional staff in the work area.

- Prominence Series - Classic

A step up in styling, the Prominence Series maintains its functionality while adding distinctive executive touches. Desks come with a choice of three different inlay top shapes. Styling is classic and substantial. A stepped front chassis, satin-nickel pulls,and an assortment of matching furniture accessories make this a desk for the business-minded executive.

- Altamont Series - Elegant

The Altamont is simply beautiful while providing excellent functionality. Perfect for highly computerized executive settings, the Altamont offers expansive desk space to eliminate clutter, hidden wire management and abundant storage. Its elegant looks scream success and productivity.

If it is time to redesign, find the best in functionality and styling at Total Office Interiors. Their professional staff will assist you in finding the best office furniture solution for your office space and budget.