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05/26/2015 07:13 am

When business owners think about investments, they often think about increasing their marketing, upgrading technologies, adding employees and improving existing products. But an investment in office furniture is just as important. Whether the public sees your office furniture every day or not, your business can suffer if you continue to use old office chairs. Consider the following:

Appearance Matters
Are your chairs modern?
Do they appropriately represent your business?
Do they match your brand’s color scheme?

If you answered “No” to any of these questions, then it is time to invest in new office chairs for a more professional look. Unless your decorative theme is based on a retro scheme, old fabrics, designs, holes, tears and broken parts can leave the impression of an unprofessional attitude or approach to your work. Colors and designs that clash with your overall theme or brand can distract customers, vendors and others from engaging with your brand or products and services.

Chairs Motivate

The old saying that a great haircut can make a person feel like a “million bucks” also applies to office furniture. Anyone sitting in an uncomfortable chair isn’t going to feel great during or after their experience. Sagging cushions, hard plastic, wobbly seats and broken parts can make people feel so uncomfortable that they can’t focus on anything else. A comfortable experience can motivate customers to listen to sales pitches, charitable donors to write bigger checks, patients to wait longer to see doctors and employees to focus on work instead of goofing off.

Production Increases

Workers who sit for long periods on overly soft or hard furniture are prone to fatigue and leg and back pain. Broken wheels, hydraulic cylinders and other parts also disrupt production. New firm-cushioned chairs with working parts can make employees more energetic and focused.


If your employees are healthy, they will take fewer sick days and use their health insurance less. New ergonomic chairs feature adjustable parts that lessen the chance of repetitive work injuries. As a result, new chairs can help you maintain productivity and pay less for any employer-sponsored or funded health insurance.

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