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02/23/2015 08:20 am

Great customer service lives on in Total Office Interiors in Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona. Total Office Interiors have put customers first since they opened their doors in 1993. This company gives great deals and quality with every sale made. Modern office furniture is expensive, which is why Total Office Interiors creates long-lasting furniture that promotes productivity so you get your money’s worth.

Anyone can offer a lamp or a couch, but you can’t find anyone else who envisions whole environments to offer a professional atmosphere for customers. When a new client walks into your lobby, give the right first impression about your company that makes a statement.

That is where customer service from Total Office Interiors shines. It is not just about selling furniture--it's about shaping a relationship so we may help you during a time that you may be relocating your company or updating your suite, or when you just begin.


Why walk around a clunky showroom offering disjointed choices with indifferent sales folk seeking only dollar signs? Come see instead a group of friendly staff who enjoy making a difference to give you just what you need: a handsome collection of modern office furniture that forms a professional statement about what you do as a company. View new and remanufactured pieces that combine into an office suite with lifetime guarantees.

  1. Lobby Furniture
    When your clients feel comfortable the moment they walk through your doors, they return again and again. Give them a warm welcome with the ensembles that invoke confidence and offer a personal touch. First impressions need to be felt, seen and heard.
  2. Work Stations
    New and remanufactured, these organize into whole spaces to allow productivity and comfort.
  3. Desks
    When only a desk is needed, you still want to construct a professional setting with lighting and work surfaces.
  4. Seating
    These are ergonomically centered for the worker. More comfort is given to the employee, who returns with greater accomplishments for your company.
  5. Conference Rooms
    Plan a room to generate new ideas and re-engineer the old ones. Create an inspiring ambiance.
  6. Filing Systems
    Information needs to be well organized. Who wants to spend precious time searching for a file? Imagine a productive storage area, and Total Office Interiors will formulate the design for you.
  7. All the Rest
    You can find a whole lot more than a bunch of chairs and tables at Total Office Interiors. They have thought of everything, so you can focus on what is important to you: making the best company possible.
    • Have a mailroom? You can find all that you need to be self-sufficient. Forget all those wasted hours in line at the post office.
    • Need white noise at a workstation to block out interruptions? You can find attractive sound machines to improve productivity of employees.
    • Need help with organizing the space? Take advantage of the experience of their staff. Total Office Interiors have been around the block several times now and can help you visualize your new look.


Total Office Interiors put your needs first, employing only knowledgeable folks who look at a space, closely listen to your vision and create a masterpiece in which you can welcome others to work and do business with you. Anyone can offer a few choices, but rarely do you find a furniture company who wants to show you a layout, from a stand-alone piece, to a full office environment.