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07/29/2014 09:15 am

Furniture is one of the most important considerations in designing a workspace—good furniture can boost employee productivity while bad furniture can kill it. When it comes to office furniture in Phoenix, there are any number of options out there. Choosing the perfect items, however, starts with knowing exactly what you’re looking for, and there are a number of potential office layouts.

Open Workstations

A workstation is the best solution if you’re pressed for space or want to facilitate communication between employees. These tend to consist of tables or counters where employees sit near or next to each other. They may be divided by small panels or screens, but usually divisions are minimal. Workstation layouts are popular because they save on space, increase communication, and make the office feel more open.


Another option is a cubicle, which is similar to a workstation but with bigger dividers. These temporary walls create a small open room, where employees have more privacy. When it comes to office furniture in Phoenix, these often require countertops and seating for the employees.


Offices are one of the most sought-after options, presenting many furnishing choices. Tables, chairs, bookcases, and desks large or small are all commonly see items. Offices provide maximum privacy and space for the employee.

Other Areas

A workplace might also need other furnishings for a reception area, break room, or specialized space. However the space might be used, you should have office furniture in Phoenix that helps your workers do their jobs and makes you space look great. Call Total Office Interiors at 480-951-6099 for quality office furniture in Phoenix at affordable prices.