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04/16/2014 10:15 am

People often think of office jobs as very cushy. You’re not necessarily on your feet all day, and you get to work indoors where it is hopefully adequately cool or warm. Still, there are health hazards even at a desk job. Strangely enough, the wrong office desk chairs can be a major culprit when it comes to office injuries. Sitting for long periods of time can actually be quite hard on the body, which is why the right chairs are necessary.

Sitting Is Hard on the Body

The body was meant to be up and moving. Even when you are sitting around, you should be up and moving at least ten minutes out of every hour. This is especially true when you are sitting in an upright position. Uncomfortable office desk chairs that force you to sit upright only serve to increase the weight and pressure on your lower back. It also decreases the blood flow to your lower extremities and back to your heart.

The Right Chairs Are Necessary

Having ergonomic chairs can help alleviate some of the problems that uncomfortable chairs present. They can be easier on a person’s back, and help to keep blood flow as regular as possible. While it is still important to get up and move around, having more comfortable, ergonomic chairs can make the process easier.

To help keep the employees in your office healthy, invest in some comfortable office desk chairs. Over time, their backs and legs will likely thank you for it. Call 480-951-6099 today to learn more about the wide selection of quality office desk chairs available at Total Office Interiors.