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03/18/2015 11:15 am

Getting your Phoenix office space together is a huge task. Your cubicles have to be set up to use the space wisely and make your employees comfortable. Beyond that is price. Purchasing new equipment for your office, especially high-end and quality pieces, can easily eat away at your budget. Even so, you don't want to sacrifice quality for price and end up with cheap office furniture and equipment that doesn't last or meet your expectations. Total Office Interiors (TOI) offers used cubicles in Phoenix, Arizona for your offices space needs.

Cost-Effective Quality

Purchasing used cubicles is a cost-effective way to start setting up your office. You can purchase through TOI and find a selection of quality used cubicles for your office that won't break the bank. Don't sacrifice style and design for a low price.

You may not be able to get new cubicles for your office space, but used cubicles are a good option. With the team at TOI implementing design techniques and space layout, the quality will shine through. You also still have the opportunity to tailor the office furniture to your liking.

You don't have to worry about the selection or quality of the products available. TOI has relationships with many of the top manufacturers in the office furniture business.

Total Office Interiors Services

TOI is a full-service office furniture company. Not only can office furniture, such as used cubicles, be purchased, but you can also use other services for a complete office look. The services offered include:

  • Design and Space Planning
  • Office Reconfigurations
  • Office Moves
  • Installation

Even if you aren't sure how you want to configure the used cubicles that you purchase, TOI can help. Your cubicles will be delivered to your office and installed according to the design and configuration plan you want. By visiting your space, the TOI team can present you with a design of space that wisely uses the cubicles you purchase to optimize space and create an environment that your employees and/or clients will find comfortable and functional.

When you are ready to change up your office, or if you are looking to put together a new office, TOI understands that price and quality are major concerns. Purchase used cubicles and you won't be disappointed. The TOI team is ready to design and implement cubicle options.