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04/03/2013 09:15 am

Maintaining a clean, well-furnished office is one way that you can impress existing and potential clients. Because purchasing nice new office furniture can be a substantial investment for companies, making sure that you practice the right techniques for office furniture care can help to reduce expenses in the long run. Furniture that has been regularly cleaned and carefully maintained can last for years without needing to be replaced. Follow these simple office furniture care tips to ensure your office furnishings stay looking like new for years to come:

Leather Office Furniture Care

Some of the nicest office chairs and sofas are made of leather. If you have leather furniture, make sure to place it in an area that is out of direct sunlight. The sun’s rays can contribute to premature cracking or drying out and can drastically shorten the life of the furniture. Keep the leather in soft and supple by cleaning and conditioning the surface once or twice a year with a cleaner that is approved for leather.

Caring for Wood Furniture

Wood furniture is quite common in many modern offices. It should be cleaned regularly with a dry or lightly damp cloth. By avoiding abrasive chemicals and wiping away any pools or spatters of liquid when they occur, you can avoid having the wood become warped or otherwise damaged.

Follow Care Instructions

Whenever you buy any new desks, chairs, or other items for your office, make sure to read the recommendations for office furniture care so that you can keep your furniture in good condition for years to come. For more office furniture care tips, call Total Office Interiors today at 480-951-6099.