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04/14/2015 09:32 am

Creating a place for employees to thrive can be difficult if resources are strained and space is limited. Many times, office cubicles in Arizona are an excellent solution for enhancing collaboration and maximizing space. That is why Total Office Interiors provide both remanufactured and new workstations to fit the needs of any business.

Total Office Interiors understand the essence of functional and comfortable cubicles. They pride themselves in enabling businesses to create environments that promote productivity and enhance employee retention. They collaborate with over 40 manufacturers who produce quality cubicles. Total Office Interiors believe in a consolatory approach when meeting with customers. They listen to understand the kind of environment you want for your employees and organization.

The cubicle installation process includes:

1. Design and Space Planning

It can be a challenge managing an office cubicles installation and choosing the perfect layout to increase productivity while providing a beautiful environment for your employees. Total Office Interiors help customers with cubicle space planning and design. They will visit your office and uncover your objectives. With their in-house design team, they can assist you in choosing materials and fabrics to complement or enhance your corporate image and overall design.

2. Move and Reconfigurations

There are many things you can do with your existing cubicles when it comes time for your business to move. Total Office Interiors can help you sort them so that you can make an informed decision with the time frame and budget in mind. While many customers choose to install all new cubicles to the new location so that there can be minimal work interruptions, others ask for help to sort what is still viable and set up the existing cubicles. Total Office Interiors furnish and supplement gaps with additional office cubicles to complete the new layout. With the wide variety of manufacturers represented, they can find the cubicles in Arizona to fit your need.

3. Installation

Total Office Interiors hire the best contractors that are trained to deliver and install cubicles in Arizona and other Phoenix office furnishings. They select only the best based on their ability to be at the site on time, certifications and manufacturer training. Total Office Interiors stand behind all that they install to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.