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05/15/2014 06:30 am

There are countless ways to arrange a workspace for maximum productivity and cost-effectiveness. One popular method for organizing office space is using modular workstations. By utilizing interlocking pieces that all work together, you can arrange your workspace however you like, depending on employee needs.

Panels and Workspaces

The main components of modular workstations are vertical panels and horizontal workspaces. You can use any number of stackable panels to build up partitions to the height that you need, or simply create a low barrier between different employees’ work areas.

Connectivity Options

A great advantage of a modular workstation is the ability to customize connectivity and power options in the unit. Most workspaces allow for the addition of panels that contain power adapters, Internet cables, and general cable management. This means that workers can keep their spaces free of wire clutter and extension cords.

Updatable Design

As styles and needs change, so can your workstation. Fabric can be swapped out for newer designs, or panels can be replaced with newer versions to reflect updated technology needs. As your business grows, more components can be easily added and expanded, or spaces can be opened up to accommodate larger groups.

In this modern day and age, flexibility and the ability to adapt are important factors in making decisions about investments. When purchasing office furniture, modular workstations allow you to address these needs extremely effectively. To learn more about the workstations available at Total Office Interiors, call 480-951-6099 today.