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09/25/2014 09:15 am

Office design has many functions. It creates an atmosphere for the employees, welcomes customers, and conveys in physical form the vision of the company. The plentiful options of Phoenix office interior design allow a combination of creative expression, comfort, and convenience.

Efficiency of Layout

Whether your company has built-out offices or one large area to divide into workstations, you want to make the most of the space available. Modular cubicles provide flexibility in configuration to adapt to business changes. Panels can connect individual stations or be stacked to room height for privacy.


Desks are at the heart of the work area, their features setting the pace for the overall style. Each suite might have its own personal touch, or a continuing theme could flow throughout the office. Guest seating and conference tables come in many sizes and styles, and they can even be ordered to your specifications. Ergonomic engineering in office chairs provides comfort and support to the workers without having to sacrifice design continuity.

The Finishing Touch

The selection of colors and patterns for walls, window dressings, and accessories can convey warmth, strength, stability, or an innovative spirit. Cubicle panels come with various finishes to be mixed or matched as needed to achieve the desired effect.

Purpose in Design

Your work area serves as an important first impression for your clients and can have a major impact on the productivity of your staff. Interior design consultants are available to help you optimize space and select materials to embody the image you envision for your company. Call Total Office Interiors at 480-951-6099 today for more information and pricing on office interior design options.