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06/22/2015 07:28 pm

If you’ve just built your office space in Phoenix, and you want to furnish it, cubicles are an ideal way to go. Office cubicles are small working spaces often divided by panels. The panels can have their walls high or low, depending on an organization’s needs. They can play a significant role in creating workplace flexibility as well as granting individual workers some form of privacy. In addition to being highly functional, when carefully selected, cubicles can make a great contribution to the design of your office interior.

Used Cubicles Work Like New

If you do not have enough money to buy new cubicles, don’t think twice about purchasing used ones. Used cubicles, as long as they haven't been physically tampered with, are as efficient as new ones in terms of functionality and quality. Just like when you’re using new cubicles, you need to determine your office needs before investing in used cubicles. The factors you need to consider before acquiring any cubicles for your office are:

  • How much space you have - the available space you have in your office will dictate the size of cubicles you need
  • Expansion needs - if you plan to expand your office you’ll need smaller cubicles that are easier to transfer or transform to achieve a larger space
  • The needs of various departments - if the different departments in your business are independent, then they need their own cubicles for privacy. However, if they are interdependent, they can have cubicles that will ease movement among the workers
  • Your overall budget - you can’t spend more than you have. Therefore, always choose cubicles that fit your planned expenditure.

Perhaps you are looking for more than a basic wall and desk cubicle. If you are looking for used cubicles in Phoenix, go to Total Office Interiors. Since we stock items from major brands, you can easily check out known brands online, and match them up with what is on offer at our stores. Once you have stocked up on cubicles, have a look at the rest of the furniture we offer like, computer desks, office chairs, conference tables and other executive furniture. For a quote, contact us today.