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05/14/2015 07:13 am

According to the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, the Valley of the Sun is home to more than 76,000 employers, many of which are huge corporations with a great many employees. It's safe to say that between Phoenix, AZ, and Scottsdale, AZ, business is experiencing a boom like few other American cities are today.

Office Accommodations

Accommodating all those employees in the business mecca of the Southwest could be a daunting task if not for companies like Total Office Interiors, a firm that specializes in creating comfortable and attractive luxury office furniture. For more than 20 years now, Total Office Interiors has collaborated with businesses in the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas to provide the best in office furnishings and services that establish highly functional work areas for workers.

The Total Office Interiors line of products is not limited to office chairs and desks. It also includes full workstation configurations, lobby furniture, private office furniture and entire conference room setups. TOI is a more upscale retailer that represents more than 40 of the best brand name manufacturers in the business and offers this modern, high-quality furniture to area businesses seeking to make their working environment aesthetically appealing and conducive to employee productivity.

Installation of all TOI products is performed by the most highly trained professionals in the industry, all of whom take whatever care is necessary to ensure that quality furniture is installed in perfect condition, with no handling damage. In addition to outstanding experience and qualifications, their installation team is always reliable and can be counted upon to arrive at the specified time and day agreed upon so that valuable business time is not wasted.

Office Space Consulting

More than just retailers of luxury office furniture, Total Office Interiors also has a team of consultants ready to work with any business to design and furnish work areas that maximize workflow and collaboration between individuals and teams. When your company is faced with the prospect of relocating, TOI consultants can assess your office furniture inventory and make insightful recommendations on what to keep, what to refurbish and what should be replaced for the new environment.

Covering the entire spectrum of luxury office furnishing--from creating a layout and design, to helping with furniture choices, to professional, on-time delivery and installation--the office furnishings company in Phoenix and Scottsdale to remember is Total Office Interiors.